The Voyfai platform

Freeing you and your team up from manual and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on providing unique solutions to customers.

Bringing joy to freight forwarders - key capabilities of our platform

Our platform makes every shipment enjoyable to handle. We enable users to focus on urgent and complex tasks, while we take care of manual and repetitive tasks in the background. Less time stuck doing manual repetitive work, more time finding solutions for your customers.

Shipment Trail

Through centralising all key platforms used in handling shipments, our shipment trail makes sure no urgent tasks are missed. See all historical and future actions required all in one central place, enabling you to zoom in and out across multiple dimensions to prioritize tasks across shipments effortlessly.

Communication agents

Our communication agents make your email inbox much lighter. Through understanding the context of a particular process, our agents proactively suggest messages to all your key partners along the shipment journey, while keeping you in control to change content and send with a final click.

Document processing

Fed up of checking consistency between various documents and manually copying data? We were too, so we developed technology that can digest any freight document, check consistencies between documents, and pre-populate forms leaving you the opportunity to just review and validate. Customs filings can be enjoyable after all.


Have full transparency over the commercial and operational performance of your business at your finger tips. Our customisable dashboards enable you to look at key data points in multiple dimensions to give you a firmer grip on your business. No more painful excel extractions from your ERP or accounting system needed.
Voyfai's platform integrates with your existing system landscape