Our Vision

Democratizing freight forwarding so customer experience prevails.

About us

Breaking barriers for
freight forwarders

We are breaking barriers for small to mid-sized freight forwarders, building an ecosystem in which freight forwarders can thrive. Best-in-class rates, automation of end-to-end processes and a relief of administrative tasks are the new reality.

Executive Team

Get to know the
team behind Voyfai

Voyfai's leadership unites unparalleled expertise and a shared vision, complemented by a strong team.

Adrian Detlefs

Managing Director & Co-CEO

Adrian is a strategic thinker, fueled by a deep passion for catalyzing change in mature industries.

James Maund

Managing Director & Co-CEO

James is a passionate problem solver with a profound love for numbers, playing a crucial role in sculpting the future of Voyfai.

Thomas Favre-Bulle

Managing Director & CTO

Thomas is a tech visionary with a wealth of experience who thrives to improve the lives of coworkers with AI.

Company values

Discover the values
that unite us at Voyfai

Our team has very diverse experiences and backgrounds but a set of shared beliefs and values unites us and is making every collaboration a joy.

at heart

Our essence is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit, embracing grit and a bias for action. We encourage ownership, urging every team member to take initiative and drive results. This proactive mindset fosters innovation and propels us forward.

is our creed

Operational excellence guides us, with a focus on customer obsession and solving critical challenges. We value frugality, optimizing resources to achieve our goals efficiently, ensuring we deliver outstanding value to our customers.

we win

Unity is our strength, where diverse opinions spark innovation. We blend fun with professionalism, fostering a supportive environment that encourages continuous growth and improvement through constructive feedback.

Career at Voyfai

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We are always looking for talented voyagers
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